A girl with a big butt.
Everytime I be up in 'da club, I be peepin' out sistas with the thickest of bootrays.
by nothardatwork August 26, 2009
Top Definition
1)A high quality illegal or "pirated" copy of a movie or television show.

- The typical "bootleg" of a current movie in theaters is shot with a camcorder and is of very low picture and sound quality. Most of these feature people coughing, laughing or getting up in front of the camera.

- On the other hand, true Boot-Ray discs or digital files are usually taken from DVD screeners and are of higher quality picture and sound because they are ripped from digital files.
Chick: Honey, are we still going to the movies tonight?

Dude: Yeah, I have Avatar and Precious on Boot-Ray.

Chick: Whats that?

Dude: Its like blu-ray but we can watch movies that are in the theaters at home!

Chick: You're so cheap.

Dude: Economy's bad, hoe.
by titotillis February 12, 2010
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