After countless years practicing and being involved in the inner workings of booshiness, you evolve into an administrator of sorts. With the ability of delegating out booshiness to other individuals.
Lil Wayne is a Boosh Master

Gucci Mane is a Boosh Master

**Robinho is a True Boosh Master. (The mold for all other Boosh Masters)
by Omnia Vanitas September 01, 2008
Top Definition
The master of awesome.
Someone who is so totally amazing that he deserves this title.
Random Guy: Sup BooshMaster!
BooshMaster: Ba-Ba-Boosh!
by the real Boosh July 24, 2010
1. The master of the boosh
2. A classic "cutler" saying.
3. A crappy screen name for Quake 3.
1. Yee-haw!!! I'm the booshmaster!
2. Booshmaster! Ello-ello?
3. Booshmaster8000 wins again!
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
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