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A tiny town in Morris County, NJ. Full of rolling lawns, milling alpacas, which are commonly mistaken for llamas, although there are a couple llamas, too. And some sheep. There are farms, many pretty houses, an pre-k thru 8th grade school, a ridiculous amount of bears, deer, and squirrels, a mountain (supposedly haunted by an indian cult), a park, half a restaurant, half a strip mall, a private airfield, like five historic houses, some soccer fields, part of the underground railroad, a "private club" (basically a tiny muddy lake full of screaming children and leeches), a crazy rehab center (that claims to be a hospital) LOTS of treeeeees, and a bank. There is no high school, no sidewalks, no library, no streetlights, only one four way intersection (called by the locals "Four Corners"), no ice cream truck (we used to have one but they got rid of it and ruined all the little children's lives), no cell service in the majority of the town, no movie theatre, and no pizza place. The people there are old and conservative, and all own dogs. Every kid goes to the same school for at least nine years and get sick of each other. Overall, its a wonderful place to live.
Dude 1: Where do you live?

Dude 2: Boonton Township?

Dude 1: Never heard of it.
by i<3alpacas(not_llamas) April 29, 2010
A town in New Jersey that neighbors with Mountain Lakes, commonly mistaken to be integrated with the stereotype of "Mountain Lakers", yet Boonton Township residents are far more different in relation to: automobiles, luxury, wealth, clothing & accesories, work ethic, and amount of employment.
Those Boonton Township residents work there hands to the bone.
by The Truth November 25, 2006
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