1. Boondocker. v. A term derived by snowmobilers in which is used to describe a type of horrid poop. A boondocker (aka sidehiller) is when you are sitting on the throne slightly sideways and your poop, commonly of the runny type, slides down the side of your ass cheek. The term was made by snowmobilers, whom needed a term to describe this occurance, which is very common after eating greasy slider burgers at locals taverns. Snowmobilers used this term because to "boondock" means to tip your sled slightly on the side while riding, this is commonly done while mountain riding, and it is almost as if the poo is riding your ass cheek.

2. Boondocker. n. A company that makes nitrous sytems (no not "nawz") for snowmobiles, as well as other fuel induction modifications.
1. I ate the Ham & Cheese slider at Northern Exposer and within minutes I was on the throne with a wicked case of the boondockers.

2. Jeff is riding that awesome Yamaha Attak GT with a Bender Stage II turbo kit, Boondocker Nitrous system and a Boondocker EFI control box. He could dominate anything in site.
#slider #boon docker #shitty bars #tavern #poop
by rice hater March 24, 2006
Top Definition
A boondocker is someone who goes back and explores the backwoods uncivilized areas. this is usually referred to as someone on a snowmobile.
After boondocking all day we finally reached the summit.
by Permafrost November 04, 2004
A party occuring in the outbacks or uncivilized areas, usually under aged high school kids, complete with bonfires and lots of alcohol.
We went to the boondocker this weekend and got trashed.
by AzJade April 27, 2005
A party that occures in an uncivilized area, far away from the city or town, complete with bonfires and loads of alcohol.
Are you going to the boondocker this weekend?
by AzJade April 27, 2005
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