The condition we fall into with 'the book we can't put down.' The afflicted can't hear the voices of others and frequently forget to eat and attend to matters of personal hygiene.
I'm sorry I didn't return your calls this weekend. I was in a book coma with the new Harlan Coben book Friday afternoon and I all I did was turn pages. Apologies for the smell, and can I have some of your fries?
by Dr. Bubba June 27, 2011
Top Definition
When a person is so engrossed in a book they are unable to stop reading it until they finish the book.
She spend the entire day in a book coma, refusing to eat or take a break. When she got to the end and finally shut the book with a sigh of satisfaction, she realized she was starving and REALLY had to pee!
by Frael July 11, 2013
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