Australian slang. a person of significant coiffure or otherwise prominent hairstyle.
that greek boofhead with the big eyelashes..
by el_gato December 25, 2004
Top Definition
Australian saying. A boofhead is one who is a little slow, or maybe just does silly things. I'm a boofhead, thats why im writing this, it's silly. Generally good natured. The sort of person who drinks and gets so pissed they decide it's a good idea to shout people you barely know drinks.
Most of my mates are boofheads, that why we get along.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
Australian Slang for an Idiot
Often used by swimming coaches to describe someone pissing around in their sessions
Ian Thorpe: How was that coach?
Australian Swimming Coach: It was crap you boof head
Ian Thorpe: *SLAP*
by Mapperz February 20, 2008
dumb person, idiot, stupid, a thick unintelligent person
you are such a boof head

Go away boof head
by James October 25, 2003
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