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used to describe when a bitch gives you the stank eye and you need to put her in her place
c'mon man lets go boo boo juice this hoe.

you see dat stank ho over there flippin burgers? she stole my rims I think its time for the boo boo juicer.
by Apesauce420 April 13, 2009
basically hard strong liquer that gets you drunk quick and makes you do stupid things

*my word spread the word*-vanessa aka vee
"shoot, vee was all wasted from that booboojuice"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
Something (someone) that is soft, or just not good at something.
Yo stupid you some booboo juice at this game.
by Paul Jr. January 28, 2008
Boo Boo Juice is Paul Masson, Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Beer mixed together. Now if u wanna make the original mixture of Boo Boo Juice mix Paul Masson, Captain Morgan, Aristocrats Vodka, Seagrams Gin, and Steel Reserve Malt Liqour.
damn that boo boo juice got me fucked up last nite.
by meng!@#$% April 28, 2006
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