1 - Expression of happiness, approval, satisfaction. Like finding the bonus round Minus World in Super Mario Bros.

2 - An addition to an already great thing.

See bonus.
See ziing.
See w00t.
1 - A: Dude! I found the minus world in Super Mario Bros!

2 - Alright! Got my Iron Maiden tickets! But a nice batch of backstage passes would be total bonus round!
by Kuzin Rob June 18, 2003
Top Definition
When you are woke up in the morning after a night of sex with more sex.
Dude she woke me with head, knew it was bonus round time.
by Gettinghead December 04, 2010
The unexpected extra poop that comes out when you think you're finished pooping. Usually follows an uncomfortable or unsatisfying poop.
I had just finished wiping and was about to stand up, when I got hit with a bonus round.
by hackysacks August 17, 2010
When you are having sex and are near the end, you or your partner stop suddenly and run to the light switch, flicking it on and off while yelling "Bonus Round!"
The you go back and have sex harder than before.
Yeah, I heard them last night, he gave her a Bonus Round
by Plastic_Ducky September 09, 2011
A bonus round is when a male masturbates from the time 11:58pm through 12:02am.
Night, bromo I'm going for a bonus round.
by DoriM October 21, 2009
What fags say alot.
I'm sure you'd like a bonus round with your boyfriend.
by OK June 19, 2003
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