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...a sarcastic term used commonly in the popular PC/Xbox 360 game N+ that refers to the suicide that one must perform when there is no way to complete the level they're on. It implies that suicide itself is a "level" even though there is no "bonus" to be found.
"Hey guys! If you press the "X" button you'll be warped to a secret bonus level!"

"Did he just die? Ok everbody, go to the bonus level."
by Coptimus Crime March 13, 2008
an extra level of drunkenness. can only be unlocked with a particular drink known as pengbuzz®. you know you're on the bonus level when you're more smashed than everyone else, don't know what you're doing, can't remember anything from the night before.. or a combination of the three. however being on the bonus level does not entail a feeling of sickness. it is purely an enjoyable experience.
dude, we hit the bonus level last night
by Judge Fudge January 07, 2007
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