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The feeling that comes with being so completely worn out by U2's (horribly overrated) music, (horribly annoying) frontman, (horribly self-righteous) politics, and (horribly predictable) fanbase. Basically Bono Fatigue is the slow drain that accompanies every mention of U2.
Matt: "I was reading Bono's op-ed piece for the New York Times this morning, and I was struck by a quote similar to one he used in an interview for his Time Magazine cover piece where he discusses the nature of man and the conscience in relation to the indigenous music of East-Central Africa. You know, I think I picked up on that when listening to Put on Your Boots the other day, etc...."
Dawson (struck hard by Bono fatigue): "So... exhausted... all of a... sudden..."
by Billy Shears4 July 09, 2009
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