Pretty in Scottish. It basically means a pretty, sweet, smart girl. She's respectful and generous, and works hard at everything she does. She's kind to everyone, but is very stubborn and knows what she wants. She's loyal and would be an amazing girlfriend, would make any guy drool. Very pretty and has a sexy body. Keeps her inner feelings hidden but if she trusts you she'll devulge her secrets to you, and if she thinks of you as a true friend, she'll never turn on you. Creative and amazing at crafts, but not that athletic. Loves to read. Will care for you, and makes a wonderful best friend. Every guy and girl is super lucky to have a Bonnie in their life.
Guy 1: Who you staring at?
Guy 2: That girl over there, she's hotttt
Guy 1: Oh yeah! She's in all advanced classes and 3 guys already wanna ask her to the dance!
Guy 2: Smart and sexy eh... Her name must be Bonnie
by acdancinggirl13 March 17, 2015
bonnie (or bonni) is a dogs name. please, stop naming you children bonnie, as i have a strong urge to tap my knee and whistle whenever i call someone named bonnie.
bonnie *whistles* dinner time :)
An "in the closet" lesbian that enjoys partying. Usually small and graceful. Also likes to steal peoples virginities
Shes such a bonnie
by Super Diva Novas July 02, 2010
A loser that loves jackfruit chips and is obsessed with poop and other things relating to jackfruit chips. A jerk that shows no respect to their superiors.
What loser did an essay about poop?" "I have no idea, its probably a Bonnie.
by BonnieIsALoser November 20, 2010
A "closet lesbian" who likes to eat(alot), never washes them selves, has a smelly vagina, thinks they're are better than every one else... back stabs best friends. chases men to make it seem like she doesnt like other women.
eww... its bonnie...
by <3 + () January 16, 2012
to be stood up on a date.
Hey jack did that gurl show up last night? na she pulled a bonnie on me.
by Crazzykuder February 15, 2008
some sketchball with a bald spot that stares at you from across the room at church and is a sexual predator to little girls and has frizzy hair and no manners and doesn't ask but commands. Also shes sexually active with the pastor and has no boobs!
guy: "theres a bonnie staring at you"
girl: " tell her to grow some hair"
by MattJaxon February 24, 2009

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