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To take multiple hits out of the bong.
Damn bro, those bong hits really sent me into bolivian.
by Ramalamham July 27, 2005
A quantity of smoke, generally of considerable quantity, specifically from the cannabis sativa plant, drawn through a length of pipe or container of sorts. Styles of bongs include beer/soda cans, glass implements, and plastic pipes. A reputable manufacturer of bongs was the Graffix company, now defunct.
"Dude, i'm out of papers!"
"Sweet! We can do a bonghit or three!"
by Jagged Joe October 24, 2006
1. In the event of smoking a bong
2. To take a break, avoid doing something, or take leave
3. So express that something is not going well
1. Person 1: After this what are we doing
Person 2: I was thinking of taking a bong hit (or thinking of bong hitting)
Person 1: You're a bong hitter!

2. Person 1: dude, lets bong hit.
Person 2: Yea man, before she tells us to clean again
Person 2: Yea man, that was tiring

3. Person 1: This parties a bong hitter
Person 2: Ya dude this place sucks lets bong hit
by BongHitter March 31, 2009
Smoking weed out of a bong. The proper way to do it is put a bit of tobacco at the bottom, and fill the rest of the bowl with weed. Then take the whole hit at once and clear the bowl in one breath. Guaranteed to knock you off your feet.
Dude #1 - What are you guys up to?
Dude #2 - Just chillin, doing some bong hits.
by ianW March 07, 2005
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