An erection that a man intends to use as a weapon.
Bitch, I am going to stab you with my bone sword!
by brnbasler March 08, 2010
Top Definition
1. A tool specifically for pwning. Note: Rhymes with pwns0rd.
2. Anything that automatically overpowers everything else, with the obvious exception of a door-hinge.
3. The penultimate rhyming word. From a rap song where "bone" is rhymed with "sword". If bone rhymes with sword, then, with their powers combined...what can't they rhyme with? Second only to door-hinge.
1. Woot! Fuckin pwns0rd with a fucking bonesword!
2. My recent practice has given me the bonesword I've needed to teach you fools a lesson.
3. (This rhymes)
Sharp, like the edge of a bonesword,
My mother likes the juice of orange,
As we find food, we forage,
A squeak, a noise, from the doorhinge,
Like a cut from a vicious bonesword.
by Tom Cerveaux July 14, 2005
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