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Guaranteed to give you a boner.
"Is there anyone less bonerfide than Mother Angelica?"
by Creedmoor December 11, 2005
Boner fide is a way to confirm that a woman is truly hot an/or sexy based on scientific evidence. This is done by looking, touching and feeling of said woman and then waiting to see if a boner is produced. If a boner is present after the process then the woman is deemed boner fide hot.
I got drunk with Cindy last night night and to make a long story short I was able to verify that she is a boner fide vixen.
by saharadryhumor January 18, 2015
Is when somebody owns their self so horribly on a message board, they constantly "change" the thread title. They want you to take a knee with no time left. This will be some loser Florida fan that lives at home probably and goes and crys to his mother when he gets owned. This will be the lowest of all lows of a person. Stay away from this idiots. Approach at your own risk.
bonafide7389 on NCAA message board.

Bonafide7389 just Bonerfide himself.
by i'm me and you know it November 24, 2009
adj.Genuinely gay retorts; Authentically homosexual phrases, remarks, or quips.

v.boner fiding
I wasn't sure if he was gay until he made that boner fide remark.

The stylist just walked around boner fiding with the others all day.
by Dick... May 04, 2005
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