An otherwise attractive individual who's shockingly, aneorexically thin.
Jesus Christ! Have you seen the new girl in lawn and garden? She'd be hot if she weren't a bonepony.
by k1llur!dol September 01, 2007
Top Definition
any poser guy can be a Bone Pony, but the term usually refers to those who use handfuls of gel in their hair, shave their balls, and/or drive any car previously seen in a movie starring Vin Diesel.
Check out that N*Sync clone over there...what a Bone Pony!
by Bombadil April 21, 2003
Another term for sex. Usually used when the female is riding for extended periods of time.
I heard that she rode the bone pony all the way to pound town last night!
by P-Nut89 July 09, 2011
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