A place where apparently everyone who lives there thinks it's extremly ghetto, when really it's not at all. It's just a suburb of Chicago that happens to be very racially and financially varied between it's residents, sometimes causing problems, but definatly not ghetto. You can't judge a town by a few of it's people.

Very nice in some parts, and OK in others.
I live in Bolingbrook, or should I say BORINGbrook.
by Non-GhettoBolingbrookResident February 05, 2011
Top Definition
The ghettoest of ghetto suburbs around Chicago.
I live in Bolingbrook, you know, the place where people get stabbed at graduations and where the high school has the highest rate of pregnancies in Illinois.
by hefferlicious April 09, 2006
A town where if you are white, you are odd. A town where the sound of the neighbors domestic violence is a conforting sound. And hey, if you find a gun, no big deal; just don't touch it or you'll wind up being a suspect for someone elses murder
Bolingbrook, a charming little place to see big city crime in a quaint suburban environment.
by this one chic October 20, 2006
a suburb of Chicago next to towns called Romeoville and Plainfield.

Apparently a lot of people get stabbed in Bolingbrook and almost everyone is black or Mexican.
girl1:where are you from?
girl2: Bolingbrook.
girl1: damn. i'm sorry.
by ertfgrhujdiogm November 09, 2011
Bolingbrook, often referred to as The 'brook. Home to the most ghetto people in the world, and contains more gangs then any place in the USA. One motto of the town is-Bolingbrook: a place to grow- what the residents know is this is a clear reference to marijuana and other assorted drugs. If your walking down the streets of Bolingbrook, you better hope your not from Naperville and have a gun in your hand.
Your from ...Bolingbrook?
Isn't that like the ghetto?
Ask my gun bitch
by Or nawww September 14, 2014
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