Projectile human feces that is jettisoned from an aircraft. In this case, a Boeing aircraft.
After finishing his green bean casserole, Steve had to defecate, so he headed to the bathroom. The male flight attendant said he had to wait approximately 3 minutes for the Boeing to jettison the fecal matter.

These Boing bombs are easily identifiable on earth by the peanuts left behing in the boeing bomb.
by The_Buddy April 19, 2011
Top Definition
Boeing Bomb(N) A frozen block of excrement falling from aircraft at high altitude and impacting an object and can cause damage to property and humans as well as in extreme cases, death.
Jeff: Damn Dude did you hear how Scott died.
Mike: No Dude...
Jeff: He got hit in the head by a Boeing Bomb
by jonnyjewboy March 22, 2007
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