a non-sexual orgasm of the body
I swear every time i stretch i have a bodygasm.
by pedobunny1337 June 28, 2011
Top Definition
'Bodygasm' has a few meanings:

1. Often used by stoners or occasional weed smokers to describe the intense body high one gets from really good marijuana.

2. The rare and often sought-after intense, whole-body sensation that may occur after a masturbation session. It goes beyond the good feeling in the legs and hips alone.

3. Used infrequently to describe an intense body-high after using *any* narcotic drug or alcohol product.
Jim: Connor, how was that bud you smoked last night?

Connor: It was incredible. I smoked one bowl and my body felt warm and fuzzy. It was a bodygasm.

Shelby: I had the best orgasm last night. I felt an incredible sensation go from head to toe. I have never had that happen.

Lucy: Lucky...
by Dr. Dick Delaware June 29, 2011
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