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Known commonly as The RZA, he is the producer, member, and co-founder of The Wu-Tang Clan. He started the Wu-Tang Clan with his cousins The GZA, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. His birth name is Robert Diggs
"My beat travels like a vortex, through your spine to the top of your cerebrum cortex" The Rza (Bobby Digital) - "Triumph"
by Shogun Assasin February 15, 2007
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A most exellent lyricist and producer.
One of the members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

He looks like MC Hammer on coke.

He has a very distinguishable voice.
In the movie "Nothing but Trouble" the Rza makes a cameo appearance as Bobby Digital.

"I'm spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy" Bobby Digital - The Humpty Dance
a man who likes to digitally diddle and is fed by a vegetarian fedish of little children..almost can be used with babysitter
bobby digital is who we turn to when we want a night out without the kids
by timson April 17, 2006

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