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A Half Human, Half Sub-Human Creature with unusually large breasts and a protruding forehead. His double "Y" Chromosonal make up gives him the propensity to Gamble, Fornicate and generally fuck up anything he puts his hands on. He will exhibit sub-standard hygiene and have the drive of a snail. Primary diet consists of Red meat only, despises vegatation of any kind.
After interviewing Tina, She claims that she came "face to face" with the Bobble "T" at a local restuarant, "I've never seen anything like it, he wasnt finsihed with one chicken wing, before he was putting the next one in his mouth, It was horrifying". I grabbed my kids and we left....I called the police from my cell phone and reported the beast.
by Ronny Benson August 31, 2006
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