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The act of laying the erect penis along the buttcrack and essentially titty banging the butt-cheeks. This takes place until ejaculation, resulting in a winter wonderland.
If you'd like to titty fuck her, but her boobs are too small, try Bob Sledding.
by wtfdeejay October 17, 2011
when yoy screw a girl doggy style at the top of the stairs and when she has an orgasm, you pull out her arms and ride her to the bottom.
Man, I'm gonna bobsled that bitch so good, she wont know what hit her
by P-dizzle January 27, 2004
Doing doggystyle at the top of a set of steps, whereby the "catcher" has their hands on the second step down. Lay down with your chest against said catcher's back and knock their arms out from under them. Hang on and enjoy the ride.
It's a good idea to wear a helmet when you bobsled.
by Drew August 05, 2004
Two guys, one girl, multi-head action.
She joined Tim and Ed for some Bob Sledding.
by c c millett March 14, 2004
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