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Bob Hardy is the bassist of Scottish band, Franz ferdinand,born in August 1980,studied in the Glasgow School of Art,was taught how to play the bass by friend and bandmate Alex Kapranos.
Has the rosiest cheeks in Europe and the cutest pout in the universe.
gosh,that bob hardy sure has the rosiest cheeks in Europe and the cutest pout in the universe!
by chat June 20, 2006
Cherubic bass player for Glaswegian band Franz Ferdinand. The youngest member of the band was a painter, attending a Glasgow art school, before being harassed by then co-worker Alex Kapranos to learn to play a bass that Alex had recently been given.

Apparently makes really distasteful dead baby jokes, but then again - they're *dead baby* jokes.
"I really like that Bob Hardy - he's quite funny"
by SuperPooks February 09, 2006
Bob Hardy is the bassist for the Glasgow based band, Franz Ferdinand. He has cited Will Smith, particularly during his 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' years, Kate Winslet, and Missy Elliott as personal heroes of his.

Hardy's next project is to involve the construction of a life-sized robot. The project was proposed to him by DENSO Corporation after Hardy contacted them with sketches and designs. Hardy has also spoken of a keen interest in teleportation machines.

Hardy enjoys receiving pretzels while on tour from fans.
The plight to provide him with the snack has, in itself, inspired a Facebook group. It is unconfirmed about whether or not Hardy actually eats the pretzel, but he encourages fans attending Franz Ferdinand shows to bring them to him. This encouragement can often be seen on the band's Kyte media player, a device Hardy often updates with videos of performances - particularly after the release of the band's third album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.
Bring Bob Hardy pretzels, it's a tradition!
by beexcellent March 30, 2010
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