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When a male is in pursuit of only slam pigs and nothing else. Boar hunters usually linger by the pong table or any other location at a party where slam pigs act there sloppiest. The more wiser hunters hang in the shower behind the curtain waiting for a pig to come and drop a BIG ONE. As the pig is unloading in the toilet bowl this is usually when the hunters strike, either with a camera, or his wiener. Because the girl he is engaging is a pig she will most likely proceed with the act. Now the Boar Hunter has had a successful hunt and works his way in with more pigs later in the night.
Yo broski you hear seth's getting mad butt? Nah dude he's just a Boar Hunter all his girls are slam pigs
by OC Broski December 21, 2010
A guy who goes out looking for fat chicks.

Someone who likes sex with big girls.
A boar hunter goes to Dunkin Donuts to find a date.

Damn bro, you have to be a boar hunter to think that beast is good looking.
by Ovarian Myth Sports February 08, 2010
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