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An item used in the Japanese cartoon, Meep ba-beep. A Bo-bot hammer is an accessory or equipment for Bo-Bots, in the cartoon Meep Ba-Beep. They are extremely powerful, ranging from "Delicate Fairy Snowflake", which can smash a watermelon into pieces, to "Deadly supernova", which effects are too dangerous to test. The Bo-bot hammer is used to aid in the work that Bo-bots do. Due to the possibilities of destruction, the Bo-Bot hammer was recalled around September 2013, in season 5, episode 10. However, some Bo-Bot hammers could be found on online auction sites, as seen on the computer screen when Mike was surfing the net, selling for millions of dollars.
"I can't even afford one-millionth of the cost of a Bo-Bot hammer online!"
"Bo-Bot hammers are extremely helpful in cooking!"
by royalrome November 19, 2013
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