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Ellas MacDaniel, better known as Bo Diddley, was a legendary Rock & Roll singer and guitar player. He lived in a house made of rattlesnake hide, wore cobras as neckties, and made his chimney out of a human skull. He was said to have been the greatest lover in the world, and 500% more man than any other man on earth.

In his spare time he invented Rock & Roll and inspired every great musician from his time till today.
Bo Diddley done had a farm, (Hey Bo Diddley!);
On that farm he had some women (Hey Bo Diddley!),
Women here, women there (Hey Bo Diddley!),
Women, women, women everywhere (Hey Bo Diddley!).
by Tombstone Hand July 16, 2009
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Part of the Dudar-Cressy vocabulary, 'bo diddley' is a word that comes between flash and sea shanty, meaning 'okay' - not too cool, but not too uncool, either.
I guess that shirt is bo diddley.
That movie was definitely not flash. But... it was bo diddley.
by Sailor V October 26, 2005

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