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A Bo Bo Head is a goof ball, loser or dweeb.
OMG, he is such a bo bo head.
by BeeBee Head December 11, 2003
a term of affectionate derision used to gently dope slap a mate, colleague, family member or imperfect stranger (the imperfect stranger use will be a dope slap of some force and typically not gentle) when they stray too far outside of acceptable social convention as determined by the user of said "bobohead" term; not to be used indiscriminately lest the term become overused and in fact, boboheadish.
A bobohead is the kind of person who parks their BMW SUV (you know who you are) car sideways in front of a coffee shop while leaving her two gorgeous, loveable pups in the car to go get that frilly, half-caf, low-fat, double shot, mocha with no whipped cream.
by 2inlove April 01, 2009
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