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Similar to head cheese or smegma on a male penis. It is the build up of skin, old deodorant, sweat, and lent that older women with large breasts must contend with. It stretches from the fold of their armpits to underneath large flappy breasts.
"Dude, you would not believe all of the bo bo cheese the nurse scraped from underneath grandmas tits before giving her a bath. The whole room smelt like ass...."
by sshir222000 August 21, 2009
any unknown substance that comes from any bodily crevice, such as an armpit, under a breast, under a fat roll, between the legs, etc.
"i didn't have time to take a shower, but i made sure to wipe off all the bobo cheese."
by limeyX3 August 21, 2009
The crust that forms under large breasts when the owner of the breasts has poor hygiene habits
I pulled those tits out of her bra and got out my Ritz Crackers to enjoy some of that there BoBo Cheese
by The Tatooed Nail Bender February 13, 2004
A confident, usually highly-accessorized guy, who has a keen sense of style, but is fully aware of his smoothness; Usually has an attractive personality, is witty and intelligent but can come across as over-the-top; Most people fall in love with this guy immediately, but feel duped in the morning.
Justin Timberlake's lyric "If sexy never left, then why's everybody on my d-", combined with his vast collection of fedoras and Ray Ban sunglasses make him a Class-A BoBo Cheese!
by GrandmaJelly March 22, 2009
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