to do somthing bogus,not right,not cool,someone or something bogus
Ex 1.that girl that you brought over was blup.(was ugly,was good for nothin,wasn't getting down,maybe even had a boyfriend..............Ex 2.You was blup for not hitting me up for that dice game. Ex 3. That shirt you wearing is blup
by Timmy Burnz September 06, 2010
Top Definition
Expression of respect and appreciation best used loudly with accompanying hand gestures
I see dat ting boi, blup!
by Tom and Nai October 22, 2004
To get someone on their knees and slap their face with an erect penis.
"That guy was annoying me, so I blupsed him up"

"Get on your knees, I want to blups you up!"
by Stephen Murphy March 14, 2007
to be on that bull shit , not doin somethin that you should be doin.
ay ima hit u back in 5 min. 30 mins later man y aint u hit me up u on that blup
by May 06, 2009
To blup, or blupping, is the sound made when a man, having sex on top of a woman, bears down on the womans tits to the point that a blast of air escapes, emitting a strange but amazing sound.

A similar but far less sexy sound is made by cupping your hand expertly under your armpit and waving your arm about like a chicken.
"I was hitting it hard, son, and I leaned down to kiss her and her boobs blupped super-loud!"
by J.S. Thompson January 26, 2008
Used as a cuss or after a threat, to instill fear into the heart of the nerdy victim or member of an enemy cru.(Accompanied by hand-gesture implies drive-by connotations) Instant weapon to make you look hard...
(Also see brap; blut)
Boys, u best watch ya mouth or me and my bredren is gonna blaps u up, yeh? BLUP BLUP!
by the clivemeister September 03, 2006
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