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Conflict most often regarding the number of heads allowed on a blunt. In many cases blunt drama is caused when more than 3 people attempt to smoke on the same dutch regardless of the fact that all parties have weed to contribute. In addition, blunt drama also comes up when 5 to 6 people want to smoke and 3 people want to close the doors on their blunt in order to smoke one blunt to themselves rather than passing 2 amongst everyone. It is believed that blunt drama originated in Central New Jersey, as only Jersey folk could create outcasts within their own smoking circle.
-Yo sean, how about you, me, Sam and Dave smoke a blunt
-Nah, bro doors are closed at 3 heads
-Well then why dont we invite Evan over and pass 2 between 5 of us
-Because 3 heads is perfect for one blunt
-Yo why you always gotta be causin blunt drama.
by XBeardcoreX October 26, 2010
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