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A name given for the small, north-eastern Indiana town of Bluffton, by some locals. It can either refer to a)being delusional and thinking small-town, religiously-zealot Indiana is fun b)the fact that there is nothing there, to be used in an ironical sense. The latter is the commonly known one, and can be attributed to the fact that despite being close to Fort Wayne, a fairly large city, and Muncie, a college town, there is nothing to do after 8 p.m., because everything is closed.
Blufftonian 1: "so, you heading up to the Fort(Fort Wayne) this weekend?"

Blufftonian 2:"nah, I haven't got any money, looks like I'm stuff in Bluf-fun this weekend, oh joy."
by AgnosticCardinal1986 April 02, 2009
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