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Disparaging nickname applied to one whom attempts to raise perceived socioeconomic standing through use of a bluetooth headset. Similar to a bluetool--though this term's specific target is marred by both (painfully obvious) low socioeconomic standing and (unsuccessful) attempts to disguise and/or raise said standing through use of the headset. Such cases tend to be glaringly obvious on account of the modern headset clashing fiercely with an outdated/oblivious/trashy fashion sensibility and the accompanying grooming and hygienic habits. Inspired by the t-shirt bearing the namesake expression.

Mullet + members only jacket + wrangler jeans + bluetooth headset simultaneously = bluetooth johnson.

Larry who works at the Tom Thumb down the street is such a bluetooth johnson.

Dennis who manages the 'Quick n' Easy Money' cash advancement facility on Eglin Pkwy . is such a fucking bluetooth johnson.
by Robb-a-dob Hogekins XIV February 06, 2008
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