An area of a city or town that is mostly where one would find gay bars or bath houses and gay men and women cruising for sex. It is also often a high crime & drug sale & illicit use area.
My friend Swinehund got a job as the hot towel boi over in the blue light district, at that new gay bath house.
by boo boo magoo122 December 08, 2012
Top Definition
Place in Baltimore City where blue police lights cover the top of street lights in order to monitor crime and violence.
you can tell your almost to penn station when you see all the blue light from the penn line, thats the blue light district
by baltimore love thing April 17, 2011
an area in Chicago, particularly along North Avenue, where the presence of the new security cameras to deter crime is noted by the blue lights that constantly flash to scare off would be criminals.
Dan: I wonder where we are...
Steve: See the cameras.... that means Blue Light district.
by Chicagoan November 01, 2006
An area outside Seattle Known to have the most humongous and belligerent Dance parties. Known for there wild theme parties.
Let's get over to the Blue Light District for a Phat party
by crazedrager June 30, 2009
1. An area of town where the sale/consumption of illegal drugs are prevalent and contribute more than 50% of the total crime to that area.

2. a term made up to prove Will and Rachel wrong...
The area in Nagpur India where I almost got arrested is a Blue Light District.
by Bdizzle1130 August 05, 2008
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