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A bitch gives you head until your dick turns blue.
I'm gonna go into the forrest with Shaniqua and hopefully get a bluejay.
by Austin Postey September 23, 2009
1.Birds That Kick Ass
2. Sarahh =)
3. A Baseball team...
Blue Jays Eat Bird Seeds
Sarah Is AWE Some
Baseballs are white =)
by Obe Wan August 10, 2008
A term describing the act of fellatio that is not followed through to completion; thus leaving the recipient with the proverbial "blue balls."
That dirty pirate hooker, Chanel, gave me a bluejay last night, bitch passed out before she was done!
by pirate hooker's ex September 03, 2007
one who abuses drugs
That blue jay needs to get his life straightened out before the drugs kill him.
by your mama's mama October 28, 2008