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An early, dedicated follower of Aerosmith. Aerosmith remarked at a concert that their audience members wore overwhelming amounts of denim, and said they looked like a Blue Army.
You fight in the Blue Army? Hell yeah, I love Aerosmith.
by Commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
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The Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles, or B.L.U.E., is a freedom-fighting federation of human-controlled planets that has one purpose in mind: the toppling and utter destruction of the Empire and it's strong arm military, comprised of elements like the notorious R.E.D.D Army. and the Imperial Marines. Our goals are freedom of expression, democracy, and the end of oppression of human colonists at the hands of an Earth-based imperialist government. Our soldiers come from all walks of life: spacers, Earth expatriates, defected Imperial marines, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters alike.

For decades now, our rights to bear arms, religion, speech, assembly, happiness and many others have been encroached upon for the longest time. The tyrannical juggernaut that is the Empire has bled us until we have nothing left to bleed, taxed us until we have nothing left to give, even killed our loved ones. For those in the Brotherhood, the days of a government not ruled by the people are over. You can help us in our fight; you are valuable far beyond your knowledge to comprehend and the Brotherhood needs every able-bodied man and woman it can get no matter their ability.
there is a team called the B.L.U.E army at forerunner conflict.
by xxXENOPIRATExx April 04, 2013
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The more badass half of Red vs Blue. Theyre the ones who wear the blue armor!
Damn those Blue Army guys just beat our ass again, Private Donut!
by lkjbafde! May 11, 2005
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