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Blue Version refers to the Blue pokemon game released by Game Freak in 1996. It is pretty much the worst pokemon version ever. This is the game that only trons play Mike Carson. This is the type of the game that unpokecated parents will buy you for your birthday when you told them that you wanted a Pokemon game for GB. The Pokemon game that you were refering to is Red Version which is considerably more baller than Blue Verion. Remember if you are thinking about purchasing a Pokemon game for your gameboy I would stongly recomend Red Version, unless of coarse your name is Mike Carson.
Dude my fuckin' unpokecated parents got me this fuckin' gay pokemon game for my birthday. Fuck... I thought everyone knew that Blue Version sucks the B.B.C. I want Red Version like P-Tone.
by L-dizzle November 04, 2004
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