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Codeword for forced facesitting used by travel agents, hotel concierges and corporate managers.
Manager: I need to see you in the conference room now. The agenda today is Blue Section, Row 15. An HR representative will NOT be there.

Concierge: The Producer's Circle seating for Cirque du Soleil is all sold out, but I've arrange to get you limited access to Blue Section, Row 15. I suggest you wear goggles and a respirator.

Travel agent: Oh, that flight is all booked up. I can put you on standby in the blue section, row 15. It's pretty cramped there, and there's a slight odor, but you will be served complimentary meatflaps.
#blue #row #section #15 #facesitting #work #agenda
by lallisabrumaniamamanamanamam November 08, 2010
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