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Blue Rage; Blue Raged

1.Describes outbursts of uncontrolled temper and /or aggressive driving by Senior Citizens. A problem in Florida and Arizona particularity from snow birds.
2. Used to describe the haughty, self entitled indignation exhibited by seniors ( snow birds) toward residents in area with high snow bird populations.
1. " Officer all I did was change lanes. Granny followed me and threw this can of Ensure and hit me in the face!" " Yep Signal 505,Blue Rage." agreed the officer."That's going the leave a scar." added the officer.

2. " Listen son Ive been shopping at Walmart for 60 years and I have never paid more than 15 cents for an apple. Stupid pimple faced cretin. I fought WWII for this?"
by Global Feetus April 03, 2007
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