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When having anal sex with a woman over the toilet, upon the exact moment of ejaculation, you dunk her head into the chemically treated water.
Man, just as I was bustin' a nut, the bitch wouldn't stop screamin' so I gives her a Blue Max.
by 76 Eldo December 10, 2009
8 3
A Prussian medal givin to the Red Baron among other people

The second half of the best Iced Earth song ever (Red Baron/Blue Max)
The Red Baron won the Blue Max
by Tuldor September 26, 2005
9 4
Blue Max, who shares initials with the word Bowel Movement, is in fact synonomous with that word.
I'm gonna go take a Blue Max.

Don't forget to wipe your MrShadow.
by Angry Liberal May 24, 2005
6 5
Well-known member of the online RPG "Kingdom Of Loathing". He is usually portrayed as a young funloving teen, who always wears a bowler and holds a martini. He is also a member of the famous clan "Alliance From Hell". He writes and draws a popular comic called "Familiar Follies", which centers on the madcap antics of his pets.
"If only every time Ghostdog made a retarded thread, I got a cookie."
by KoL February 22, 2005
3 8