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When having anal sex with a woman over the toilet, upon the exact moment of ejaculation, you dunk her head into the chemically treated water.
Man, just as I was bustin' a nut, the bitch wouldn't stop screamin' so I gives her a Blue Max.
by 76 Eldo December 10, 2009
A Prussian medal givin to the Red Baron among other people

The second half of the best Iced Earth song ever (Red Baron/Blue Max)
The Red Baron won the Blue Max
by Tuldor September 26, 2005
Blue Max, who shares initials with the word Bowel Movement, is in fact synonomous with that word.
I'm gonna go take a Blue Max.

Don't forget to wipe your MrShadow.
by Angry Liberal May 24, 2005
Well-known member of the online RPG "Kingdom Of Loathing". He is usually portrayed as a young funloving teen, who always wears a bowler and holds a martini. He is also a member of the famous clan "Alliance From Hell". He writes and draws a popular comic called "Familiar Follies", which centers on the madcap antics of his pets.
"If only every time Ghostdog made a retarded thread, I got a cookie."
by KoL February 22, 2005
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