a stupid cartoon that replaced kikaider, but is not nearly as kickass as kikaider. its on adult swim
no one watches blue gender, and if they do they should be slapped because it is not nearly as good as kikaider
by kikaidercaity August 09, 2003
A pathetic anime show dubbed and on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Giant insects, and people fighting giant insects. Besides this premise (a rip-off of Heinlein's Starship Troopers) it contains no substance: no cool jokes, no sex, no interesting plot developments, no absurd, poorly translated from Japanese philosophy; no 12 year old girls that 27 year old anime fans jack off to hentai images of. It's just a pointless show. I would rather have my eyebrows plucked by a gay midget than watch another episode.
"Blue Gender has an awesome name but that's about it."
by Edwin Alesco September 01, 2003

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