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Blue Exorcist is an anime that stars a 15 year old boy named Rin Okumura. He and his twin brother, Yukio Okumura, were raised by an exorcist named Father Fujimoto. But one night, he discovers a terrible secret. Demons are real. What's more, he and Yukio are are not Fujimoto's sons- they are the sons of Satan.

Rin was the only one that inherited the satanic power of blue fire, Yukio is a normal human. Rin's powers were sealed away inside a sword. If he ever draws the sword, he will cease to be completely human. When Fujimoto is killed protecting Rin from Satan, Rin vows to defeat the demon. He chooses to attend The Cram School, the school for exorcists in training.

When he starts school, his true identity as a demon kept secret, his life is turned upside down. He has friends for the first time ever. And his brother Yukio has known about the demon world and Rin's powers for years- in fact, Yukio is a full exorcist and a teacher at the school!

As time goes on, it gets harder and harder for Rin to hide the truth. What would happen if everyone knew who he really was? Is there a place in the world for a demon who fights demons?

The show is ultimately about choosing one's own path in life. Someone's orgins don't determine the kind of person they will become. The message is awesome, and the characters are allwell developed, each facing their own personal problems. This anime has moments that'll make you laugh out loud and ones that will bring you close to tears. Give it a try!
Blue Exorcist is a really great anime!

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by Lelouch0 May 10, 2014

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