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A term used around a member of a group when that person often recites jokes or stories he or she was not a part of. It is most commonly used as a form of humiliation that the person meant to be humiliated often will not eve realize.

The term actually has no reference to anything or idea so feel free to use it in a way that may not even make sense.

Phrase/term coined by: Cody Anderson, Forrest Walker, Nikk Reinhardt and Kelly Fisher

Remember only use this term around a person who wants to know what you are talking about and acts like he takes part in actions or phrases he didnt witness.
Cody: Hey friend, did you see that movie last night?

Bovice: Yeah... attack of the Blue Cord right?

Cody: Yeah i watched it and enjoyed a nice Blue Cord.

Adam *the kid who is being humiliated without knowing*: What the hell is this blue cord thing?

Everyone else at the table: Hahahahah... dumbass.
by Bovice of the WCK's (Tim Claflin) February 27, 2008
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