What is most likely to become the next form of media. It's the be used on the next-gen consoles such as PlayStation 3, X-Box 2, but you just never know with Nintendo. Movies will probably be used for it as well, as they can also be recorded on them. A single side can hold 25 GB, and dual can hold 50 GB, and get this, they're making a quad-layered one with 100 GB. That'd make one fuck of a Grand Theft Auto game. Overall, in 3 years when somebody reads this, Blu-Ray will be well known. The acronym for it is BD, for Blu-Ray Disc.
Because blue lasers are thinner and more precise then the current red lasers, it's now possible to store more on a single disc. A Blu-Ray Disc to be exact.

... Why are you telling me this?
by Magic Hobo January 23, 2005
A blue laser that burns! BABY BURNS!!!! and gets mernmorie into a disk so you can see it
BLu-ray is cool
by Fabian law December 03, 2008
One of Sony's new proprietary formats that is destined to fail.
The blu-ray is going the way of the betamax.
by Todd Edwards November 02, 2006
Blu-Ray is suppost to be the next generation of media technology replacing the DVD's. I think it was a stupid idea for DVD's. DVD's are just fine and will probaby satisfy me for a long time. So, i'm saying blu ray sux really big cocks. It is just a waste of money and a really stupid idea. same features and everyting and probably just like 3% difference in quality. only stupid dumb-fuck rich people would buy them cause so stupid. IT IS THE SAME FUCKEN THING DUMBASSES.
Jimmy wanted a blu-ray player really bad cause he is so dumb. His family had to use most of the money they invested for his christmas presents on the cheapest blu ray player they could find was $800. Jimmy did not get nothing but a few cheap piece shit gifts after that.

On his next paycheck he spent $34.99 on Alien Vs. Predator blu ray disc while the one on DVD was $10.79!
by Stilts54321 March 02, 2007
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