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the act of a facebook friend posting so many status updates, that all you see is the picture and name repeatedly on you news feed.
Josh-@Sammy, your blowin up my feed, STOP!(1 sec ago)
Sammy- Cuttest jacket ever at rugby!(20 sec ago)
Sammy- Made it to the mall YAYZ!(3 min ago)
Sammy- DANG! major traffic jam!(12 min ago)
Sammy- on the freeway!(15 min ago)
Joe- Won my meet!(18 min ago)
Sammy- pulling out of the driveway (19 min ago)
Sammy- getting in the car(19 min ago)
Sammy- goin to the mall! (20 min ago)
by Joshiepooperz October 23, 2010

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