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a sexual act where one person performs fellatio upon another person while they are jogging on a treadmill. An alternative involves a closed course, and necessitates that the member performing said act must be wearing roller skates.
Women's/Man's name gave me an amazing blow jog last night at a Bally Total Fitness.
by painted bird July 11, 2011
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Blow Jogs are a food that contain white bread, cheese and pepperoni. They are usually prepared in a conventional oven using a baking sheet or tray. The Blow Jogs are prepared much like a pizza or open face sandwich. In most cases shredded cheddar cheese is used.
Guy #1 - "Wife made me some Blow Jogs last night for dinner."

Guy #2 - "I LOVE BLOW JOGS!"
by anonwi April 19, 2009

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