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A quickie Blow Job! Usaully ten minutes! It has to be done on your knees with the guy on the bed laying back so the woman has full control! Phrase was originally used for the sexual reference in San Jose CA. By Jessie "Emilie" Love
In the sex industry it is used in reference to a quickie blow job. First the man gives his "gift" (cash $60 to $80).
Then he takes off his pants and lays back on the bed with his feet dangling over the side. The girl then gets on her knees and uses her oral skills until the man has a orgasm! It is always covered and the girl always clean the man up including the little drops... Ex: The man comes to the sex master to get a Blow'N'Go!
by Jessie Love December 28, 2007
An in-dash breathalizer that is now required by law, in Ontario, to be installed in all DUI offender's vehicles, once they have served their license suspension.

The offender must blow into the device every time the car is started. If there is any alcohol in the offender's blood stream, the car will not start.
Dick had to spend $1000 to have a Blow-N-Go put in his car.
by Time4SumAksion January 04, 2006
Any convenience store or fast-food emporium known to harbor cum-guzzling titwhores, at which one can be picked up or just utilized in the bathroom for face-fucking oral spunk-injection purposes only.
If the services are rendered on site or behind the building, it may more technically be referred to as a Stop-'n'-Blow rather than a Blow-'n'-Go.
We stopped at a Blow-'n'-Go to buy a six-pack and some drunk titwhore cum-guzzled me in the bathroom for a tallboy beer.
by Professor G October 17, 2008
Another term for road head
My girlfriend gave me a blowjob on the way home from school today it was the best Blow n' Go I've ever had
by aamedeo1 December 17, 2014
When a guy blows his baby batter into a chick then leaves
Dude I totally did a blow n' go in this chick the other day shes gonna remember me for the rest of her life...
by blackorchid99 September 30, 2008
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