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A cleaner way to say "Blow Job"
Taking a guys penis (and/or balls) in your mouth and sucking, kissing, licking, etc it and making him climax. The term is a misnomer. There is no blowing involved, but rather some suction.
Oral sex performed upon the penis. It may be performed to induce orgasm and ejaculation of semen, or it can be used as foreplay prior to vaginal or anal forms of intercourse.
To lick, suck a mans penis. Usually done by swirling the tongue around the penis while sucking at the same. This causes a sensation of pleasure to the reciver making them ejaculate.
To lick, blow, and suck on a mans dick. Proper technique including rubbing his balls with left hand, stroking dick with right hand in sync to the pace you are moving your mouth. To go all the way and deep throat is much desired, while doing this begin to hum and moan.
What happens to experimental 12-year-old boys if left alone around a vacuum cleaner for extended periods of time.
Several men are probably jacking off to this imagining that they were receiving a Blow Occupation from me, AutumnSexyPants.
by Autumn-Sexy-Pants April 02, 2011
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