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A blop job is like titty fucking, but different. The biggest difference: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! With the titty fuck it is obvious that the move focuses on the boob area of a female, but a blop job, on the other hand, focuses on the butt cheeks. The same concept applies: squeeze together and go to town...all the while avoiding penitration of the rectal region (none of that until after marriage, otherwise Jesus gets pissed). The other key part in executing a successful blop job is the lubrication used for between the glutes: marmalade or some other fruited spread.
Winston: Bro, so I heard things got a little sticky last night with Brenda?

Buckley: Yeah, she's gunna be scrubbing grape jelly out of her butt for months after the blop job I gave her.
by Miles B. October 29, 2008
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