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Bloody Sombrerosex (-0.589)
There are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled for this honor to be given. #1. The sexual intercourse partner has to be of Latino/Mexican descent #2. It has to be a female on her period. #3. She has to be wearing a sombrero or a similar wide spread hat. Upon filling those conditions, the following actions have to be taken: When the Latino/Mexican orgasms, it is done only into the sombrero. The desired result is a sombrero (or wide spread hat) that is somewhat dyed red which the male partner then wears the following day. All those that know of the "honor" will recognize such a feat through congratulation and similar hat wearing. Amen.
The average Green Bay Packers fan performs great Bloody Sombreros.
by Whitey McPaul September 23, 2007
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