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1) Bloody Bombshell- A very attractive (greater than 6 on scale of 1 to 10) female, that is on her period. She has a heavy flow and occasional spotting prior and post menstruation. She is beautiful, which makes you consider swimming the red sea.
Man 1: Dude, I CAN NOT believe you took that model looking chick home last night. I give you props for dayyys!

Man 2: It was not as great as you think, she was a straight bloody bombshell. It was a steady flow of menstruation blood all fucking night.

Man 1: Ooooh what a disappointment!

Man 2: Eh, not really. I didn't even have to use lube for anal, it was flowing so steady it created a great lubricant!
#bloodybombshell #bloody bombshell #menstruation #model menstruation #period #hotmess #red sea #menstrual flow #period fucking #period sex
by The D M V December 08, 2011
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