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High voltage metal that runs through your brain like a transmission from the dimension of shralp. The sheer melodic brutality will blindly deafen your senses then highly keen and tune them with raw sheer blood siphonic riffs that leave you slain. You are never the same after hearing it and the metal network resonates with the hardcore sound uplifting your spirit from the harmonious dark side into the lyrical black hole of infinite metal. Men will weep, women will swoon, and your dog will howl at the moon in a fast tempo of cacophony. You will be galvanized.
"Have you listened to Bloodriff?"

"I can't hear you. My ears have been shralped into the dimension of supersonic listening."


"Don't touch me. I'm conductive and my amorphous metal properties are too heavy for you."

"No way."

"Still can't hear you. Listen to this Bloodriff cd."
by Metal Fan 999 January 14, 2012
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